Our Story

Taking care of an aging loved one who needs constant supervision creates a challenge for performing daily tasks outside of the caregiving role. Sandy Price learned this firsthand as she cared for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease. Trying to juggle the demands of her various responsibilities left her feeling discouraged as well as mentally and physically exhausted.  Realizing she was not the only caregiver to feel this way, she began a journey to find relief for herself and fellow caregivers, which eventually led to her founding Lighthouse Adult Care Services in April 2018.  

Shining a beacon of hope, Lighthouse Adult Care Services has a weekday Center providing daytime supervised care to adults ages 50 and older with activities tailored specifically to their abilities.  In addition, we offer support to the entire community by offering informational, educational, and training resources related to the various aspects of caregiving.

Our goal is to help caregivers and those needing care live their lives to the fullest!

Mission Statement

A non-profit organization that offers quality support services for caregivers and their loved ones.  Providing an affordable, safe and loving environment for adults ages 50 and older who need supervised care during the day.

Vision Statement

Restoring adults ages 50 and older to their position of prominence and relevance in the community.

Board of Directors

  • Debbie Condie

  • Holly Jones

  • Elliot Morris

  • Sandy Price

  • Antoinette Romano

  • Dr. Jay Spector

Advisory Council

  • Debbie Castagno

  • Joel Dunn

  • Dr. Kim Halladay

  • Mike Johnsen

  • Jennifer Jones

  • Ronnie Jones

  • Eileen Simmons

  • Stacey Smith

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